Cut Em Out

I love how at the beginning of every year there are posts about "cut this toxic person out of your life #whateveryearitmaybe." And however cliched that is, I think it should be true! Take the time to think of all the energy you put into people who consistently give you nothing in return. Think of [...]


Love and Love and Love.

I'm thankful for the time I got to spend with my grandfather before he passed away. I sat in his room and held his hand. I watched my family work so hard to keep him comfortable and as happy as possible. I'm thankful that I'm surrounded by people who love each other and care, people [...]

On ‘Saving’ People.

Many of my decisions in life stem from the impulse to help people, or to fix their problems for them. Helping people is great, directing them is great. Fixing their problems for them? Not so great. That’s called enabling.   There's this weird dissonance to wanting to help people and knowing that enabling - in [...]

Small Good Things.

Right now, my mind is too full and fragmented to put many of my really intense feelings into words. I know for a fact that many of you reading feel this way as well. The world seems truly overwhelming, and what can we possibly do to cope with it? Better yet, to thrive in it? [...]

The Broken Woman

I recently did a project for my Women’s Literature class, analyzing how women in Appalachia are treated and the services that are available to them in terms of motherhood, domestic abuse, rape, and poverty. The results were disheartening, but at the end I realized that the women of this region possess a profound resilience that [...]

The Sweetheart Epidemic and RBF

“Hey sweetheart, this isn’t in a mug.” “Hey sweetheart, I know what you can get me.” “Hey sweetheart, when are you done serving these yuppies?” “Hey sweetheart, you should try to smile a little more, you look miserable.”   My name is not ‘sweetheart’. I have a name, and a voice, and a pretty damn [...]

On Acid and Good Music

Dating is a weird concept, you guys. It really is. Pick that person, go out with that person, awkwardly talk about your life, which you know so well but realize your date does not. You divulge information you didn’t realize you’d have to divulge, because you assume everyone knows, right? Where you were born, what [...]

Heads High!

I never thought the day would come when I would be genuinely frightened at the state of our country. There has been talk of government censorship of the media, which terrifies me in and of itself. Coupled with the evasive speech of big-name politicians, a cloud of uncertainty has tainted the nation. Right now, we [...]

What I Think About When I Should Be Sleeping

A late-night post from yours truly, cataloging thoughts that are currently zipping through my brain. Share what you think about while you should be sleeping! Let’s unite in our insomnia. Without further ado, I bring you 'What I Think About When I Should Be Sleeping' The song ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac (in lieu of real [...]