The Young Person’s Guide To Love

Wow. Look at all that friend love. Look at how cool we are. You could be that cool too. Just keep your little eyes readin’. . .

We live in a world where it’s “uncool” to be too affectionate. Especially as a teenager/young adult. We don’t hug our friends out of nowhere, even though we freakin’ love them! We don’t say “I love you” unless we are saying goodbye. We avoid any show of emotion for fear of seeming clingy.


What the heck is that pile o’ crap?!

I think we need to have a revolution of looooveeeee. Being open about how much you love your people opens you up to receive more love! And that’s pretty awesome. Every day, terrible things happen on this planet, strengthening my standpoint. We could really use some more love in this world! I refuse to be sorry for expressing my feelings!

Life’s too short for all that “cool, I don’t care, I am too proud to love you that much” bullshit! We gotta love while the lovin’s good.

Although I wish everyone were forward with their affection, I know that pride is a very real obstacle. Some people just aren’t comfortable with it. But like I said, this is only an obstacle. This is not an immovable fact.

If you’re one of those people who has a tough time expressing your love for ya frands, family, etc., I’m going to give you a couple of practice scenarios.

Scenario #1.

You and your friend have just gotten back from the best day of both your lives. You spent all day exploring the world around you, picking flowers, making good food, and drinking too much coffee. Your definition of the best day ever. Awesome. Smiling, your friend turns to you. “What a frikkin’ rad day. I love you!” 

You panic.

What do you do?

Option One:

“Haha, nice bro.” Fist bump.

 Lame af dude! NO.

Option Two:

“Aw man, I love you too!” #brolove

 Yes! Nailed it! Now you and your friend have grown closer and you are feelin’ the love. The world is a beautiful place again! That wasn’t too hard, was it?

Scenario #2. 

You and your mom are on a roadtrip, going to visit family. As often comes with a twelve hour car-ride, you get to talking. Things you wouldn’t normally talk about. Really deep talks. Your mom is really emotional, she’s beginning to realize that you’re turning into a real human being, with real human emotions and real human ideals. 

Teary-eyed, she smiles at you. “Oh, I love you so much!”

Again. Panic. What is happening? Where is this coming from? What do you do?

Option One:

“Aw, mom, quit it! Gross! You’re so mushy.”

Mom’s face falls. The tears are still there but now maybe for a different reason. 

Well, you really screwed that one up. You’ve still got six hours to go, too. . . Way to go, nerd.

Option Two:

“Mom. You are the best. I love you too, lady.” 

Was that difficult? I don’t think so. And now your mom is beaming, and the awkward car-ride has been avoided. You slam dunked that, homie. Nothin’ but net. Boom.

Being affectionate doesn’t have to mean that you’re a mushy, doughy, raw ball of emotions. But it does mean that you’ll have your day made and you’ll make other people’s as well! And what’s not to love about that?

So please. Let’s quit with the apathy. It’s not cool. It makes you a bummer to be around. If we say we love you, then we love you and there’s not a single thing you can do. Unless you want to be an asshole about it, that might dull our shining love for you a little bit.

So don’t do that! Let the love go round! There’s plenty for everyone! It’s awesome! And furthermore, it’s the new cool thing to do.

Thanks for reading this week you guys!

I’m going to start doing a fine arts column on Wednesdays, where I throw around some of my favorite books, songs, albums, photographs, or whatever else that’s artsy and speaks to me! It’s going to be fantastic and fun, so I hope you all come back!

I love you all. (See how I did that? Applying what you learn is important.)



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