Do I Have A Ghost?

This week is going to be a little different and a little out of the ordinary for a pre-Thanksgiving post. It has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. But I thought I’d share my experiences here because this is something that intrigues many people for good reason. Save your judgment for the end, friends. Keep your eyes a-readin’.

The idea that an afterlife exists is definitely not a new one. Ancient civilizations such as Greece and Rome had a firm and apparent belief in spirits, although they believed the only reason a spirit would ever return to the living world would be because they had an improper burial. The Egyptians believed in ghosts as well, but thought that a spirit would not return to the living world unless they had a bit of very important unfinished business. So the general consensus among most ancient cultures is that ghosts do indeed exist, but if they happened to return to our world, they were likely in need of help. (If you want to read about many of the ancient culture’s views on ghosts/spirits/etc. you can find those here.)

Modern culture also widely accepts the existence of spirits. In a 2013 study published in the Huffington Post (check that out here), 45% of American adults believed in ghosts. Stories of ghosts span from the documentary television series, Ghost Adventures, to the pages of Harry Potter. We are obsessed with ghosts. Tune in on the Discovery Channel at any given moment and it’s likely that A Haunting is on. There are Reddit threads, YouTube videos, and blog posts (like this one) everywhere. There are stories all over the internet about ghostly encounters, and I plan to add mine. This is my story (cue Law & Order bell).

My family moved into our current house about four years ago. It’s a cute little ranch-style single family home with insufficient backyard space and an oven hood that doesn’t work. Regardless, we love it. So we moved in all excited and ready to begin our life collectively as a family, when we started noticing that every now and then, something strange would happen.

The first three months or so of living in our house were relatively quiet. Nothing happened that we noticed. One night, I was sitting in our kitchen, texting one of my friends. At the time, we’d just purchased two very large mirrors that were sitting on our floor. If you sat at the dining room table, you could see the kitchen in the reflection of the mirror (kitchen is behind me). So I’m sitting, texting my friend when I glance up just in time to see a huge dark mass duck quickly behind the counter. Obviously, I was terrified. I couldn’t move, couldn’t speak, nothing. Talking to my friend about this, he said “Revoke it! Say a prayer!” So I did. I was still freaked out, but had appeased myself with the prayer. Eventually I convinced myself that maybe I hadn’t seen it and had just moved my eyes too fast.

Another time, probably about a year later (with several scattered, small, nearly unnoticeable incidents in between) I was cleaning off the ceiling fan in my room. To the left of me was my wall, my window to the right. On the left wall were three heavy wooden plaques, securely nailed to the wall with hooks. While cleaning off my fan, I looked over at the plaques and watched one come right off the hook, only to fly past my face and hit the window across the room. Again, I was terrified, couldn’t move, and had a faceful of fan dust. So all in all, not a fun situation.

Several tiny things happened for awhile, my mom had very strange almost sleep-paralysis type experiences, and we went on with our daily lives.

My sister told my mom and I that she kept hearing a woman talking in our closet, which obviously scared her. Just a few weeks ago, my nine-year-old brother asked my mom why he keeps hearing a woman calling his name when he’s trying to sleep (we told him it was a dream; thankfully, he bought it), and within the past month or so, things have been getting progressively worse. For a stretch of about two weeks, I was woken nearly every night by a woman screaming my name at me.


The paralyzing fear, the rationalization, were soon to follow. Maybe it was in my head! Maybe it was a dream! Maybe it was my mom. . .

(I want to make it clear that this does not feel like a malevolent entity. I am of the belief that she needs help of some sort.)

For about two weeks, she yelled my name every night, almost pleading. One night I woke up immediately creeped out of my mind. I sat awake in bed for about three seconds when she (no joke) laughed. Three “ha’s” like she thought something was genuinely funny. “Hahaha!” My heart sunk straight into my butt, my throat closed up, and I very seriously considered that I might vomit.

After a few seconds of staring into my dark room, I found my voice. “Please stop. Please, please, please.” And I swear it worked. For nearly two weeks nothing has happened. I haven’t been woken up with my name or giggling. My brother hasn’t heard anything, my sister hasn’t seen or heard anything, it’s been very quiet. I’m not entirely sure if I should be relieved or nervous. I tried doing a couple of EVP recording sessions, where you hold a voice recorder and ask the spirits in your house to speak into it. Nothing happened. Expected.

One thing that puzzles me is that our ghost doesn’t do anything to the guys in our family. My older brother, my twelve year old brother, and my dad have never experienced anything and think the rest of us are crazy (as some of you might) so the only boy who’s experienced anything is my nine-year-old brother, Sean. I don’t know why this is, but I have a theory that maybe she is afraid of men. Who knows?

I don’t know what else will happen, if anything, but I’ll update in the future. I’m also not sure what any of this means, if it’s a spirit, or if we are all delusional. I really don’t know. I’d almost prefer that we’re all insane. I’ve debated posting this because I know some people don’t believe in the paranormal to any degree. But I ask that even if you don’t, keep an open mind and an open heart. Don’t think I’m insane just yet. Or think I’m insane and hit me up when something unexplained happens to you.

Thanks for reading this week everyone! Different, I know. Very Halloween, I know. Not at all Thanksgiving. I know. Shaking it up a little!

I hope you all come back Wednesday for my Glowing Artsy Review.

Let me know what you think of this week’s post!

I appreciate you all.



2 thoughts on “Do I Have A Ghost?

  1. This sounds absolutely terrifying! But I might offer some advice/information that hopefully you find helpful! Ghosts are often attracted to those who have an open mind, and from the sounds of it the men in your family who laugh at it aren’t exactly open minded about the spirit and so it may avoid them. The day you told it to go away, you may have closed yourself off to it which made it avoid you for a short while. Your youngest brother who still experiences things may very well experience things because spirits are often attracted to children because they haven’t been socialized yet to not believe in ghosts. Really they have the most open mind at all. Your story got my attention right away and I hope everything works out! Keep us updated!

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