Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: Ghost

An album this week! The first album I’ve recommended! It’s really exciting. We’re making strides here. I’ve been really into ghost things lately, can you tell? Thanks house-ghost, for all of your artistic influence.

Ghost by Radical Face


Rating: 5/5 would recommend/fall asleep to/stand in the rain sobbing for/etc.

Summary: I’ve been in love with this album for several years now. It was released in 2007, although I didn’t discover it until probably about 2010. Doesn’t make it any less fantastic, though. The evil mastermind behind this piece of work is a man named Ben Cooper, who is from the sunshine state, FLARDA. Ghost is the first album he released under the alias Radical Face. You might never believe that he recorded this whole album by his lonesome, in a shed in his parents’ back yard. Hysterical, right? So the sound that comes out of this nice little record is a little bit unbelievable. The record is aptly named, as the general ambiance is mystical and sort of creepy. Several of the songs in this collection tell the tale of a man being haunted by a plethora of spirits. In addition to the general idea of this album being super neat and creepin’ us out, the layering is incredible for a very literal solo project.

Favorite Track: Welcome Home, Son

Listen If You Like: Fleet Foxes, Junip, Bon Iver, Boy And Bear, Lord Huron, Iron And Wine, City And Colour.

You can’t miss this album! It’ll make you wish you could fly, or that you lived in a creaky old house in the woods in the middle of winter. It’s beautiful. In a veiled creepy way. You won’t realize it’s creepy through the first listen because it’s GAWJUS, but you’ll get there.

Thanks for reading this week friends o’ mine!

I appreciate you taking the time to read my brain thoughts.

See you next week!



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