Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: Americana


Switching things up again! This week I’m recommending a whole genre of music to you guys!  I didn’t actually know Americana was a thing until a couple of years ago, when my aunt and uncle (two of my best musical resources) told me that they never knew what they liked was actually a genre. ‘Twas Americana. Some artists are a blend of Americana and other similar genres, like Indie or Folk Rock. So we’re going to really get into this. What is the distinction? What the heck is Americana?


Americana is generally classified as contemporary music that is heavily influenced by folk, bluegrass, and classic country. A lot of it sounds pretty old-timey, like you’re trapped in the mountains in 1890. Chopping wood and riding horses. It arguably gets down to the very roots of American culture! Interesting, yes? The best way for me to explain it, aside from showing it to you, is to create a nice little scenario in your head. So here goes.


You’re driving down a dirt road in the Appalachian mountains. Your tire blows, so you’re forced to walk until you find a little wooden house off the side of the road. It’s got all sorts of kooky contraptions hanging from he ceiling and there are two rockers on the front porch. Smoke puffs out of the chimney at a steady rate, and you smell something delicious. So maybe they will help you with your car and feed you! A little reluctantly, you knock on the splintered front door. A stocky woman with streaked gray hair and a kind face opens the door. She’s wearing a floral dress and an apron covered in flour. You explain that your car’s broken down and she invites you inside to wait until the mechanic can come get the car. Before you know it her whole family is at the table and you’ve just finished the best soup you’ve ever had in your life. As is routine for this family, after the table has been cleared and the dishes washed, everyone migrates to the small living room, where each family member picks up an instrument. They take turns singing songs that have been passed down for generations, molded by the experiences of their pioneering, outlaw ancestors. 


You got a good picture? Well, that’s what this music is like. Soulful, rich, and full of history! But with a modern sound. Not quite so acoustic and  a little edgier. It’s good. You’ll love it. I made a Spotify playlist (here) that you can check out if you’re really curious. It’s just a little Americana sampler platter for your enjoyment. This sample platter includes wonderful artists like THESE:

  • Brandi Carlile (saw her in concert. Glorious.)
  • Lord Huron (heart eyes emoji)
  • The Lone Bellow (saw them in concert, too. Also glorious.)
  • Shovels & Rope (newly found, more heart eye emojis tho)

It’ll make you feel comfy and at home, I hope. Or it’ll make you want to chop down some tress and build your own house. Also a good choice. You’ve got options here, friends.

Let me know if you totally hated this. Or if you didn’t.

Thanks for reading nerd bugs!

I’ll see all of you next week.



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