Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: Tell The Wolves I’m Home

“Another book?” you ask. Yes. Another book. Because books are glorious and make your brain smart and teach you life lessons about the real-life world that we live in! So yes. Another book. I read this one awhile ago and every now and then I just sit and think about it. It’s a masterpiece. You’ll cry through half the book, I swear. This book targets a lot of classically ‘taboo’ subjects. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Tell The Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunttellthewolvesimhome

Rating: 5/5 would recommend/rave about/ruminate over/etc.

Summary: This story is centered around a young girl named June, who loses her Uncle Finn to the 1980’s AIDS epidemic. Aside from being June’s favorite human, Uncle Finn is a very accomplished, famous painter. Although he has long since ceased to reveal his paintings to the public eye, when he finds out he is dying he paints a portrait of June and her older sister, Greta. Shortly after he finishes, he passes. At Finn’s funeral, June briefly meets a man named Toby, who for some reason her parents passionately hate. They drive him off, leaving June curious and a little disheartened. After the funeral and the appearance of the strange man, June receives a package with Finn’s old blue teapot (which June loved) and a letter asking her to meet with him. Reluctantly, she does, and discovers that Toby had been Uncle Finn’s secret lover of several years. June and Toby strike up an unlikely friendship, as they are the only two people who understand each other’s grief. But as June and Toby grow closer, the tension with June’s sister, Greta, grows stronger.

How will it end?! Read it, guys. You want to know how it ends. You really do, I promise.

Tell the Wolves I’m Home questions the strength of familial bonds, challenges what is right and wrong, and showcases the unbreakable power of friendship, however unconventional it may be.

Now there’s a whole slew of weird things that happen in this book, but you’ve got to keep an open mind through the end. Carol Rifka Brunt is a fantastic writer and knows how to keep you reading. You won’t put this book down for a second until you’re completely finished. The subject matter is intriguing but the writing is beautiful in and of itself. Thanks Carol, for being the best. We love you.

Give this one a read! It’s hypnotic and emotional and everything human in this world.

Thanks for reading this week, friends! Merry Christmas to those of you who celebrate it, and have a wonderful, relaxing week to those who don’t! See all of you next week.



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