Friendly Friday: Claire Child

Happy Friday, friends! This week I asked a very smart friend of mine to write a post on anything she wanted! Well, she certainly delivered. You want to read this one.  Claire Child is nineteen years old and living in Chicago, Illinois. She attends DePaul University and is studying Secondary Education English. She loves Johnny [...]


Wednesday Glowing Artsy Review: Chasing Redbird

Happy Wednesday, all! So this week I'm recommending something a little different. Still in the vein of literature, but not really adult literature. Today, I'm going to admit that I like reading children's books sometimes! No shame in that. Reading is reading. And sometimes, children's books have seriously profound messages. So don't judge me with [...]

On Taking Gap Years and Going Back To School

Writing my Monday blog post on a Sunday! Unheard of, right? Maybe I'll post one tomorrow too. Who knows? The world is full of possibilities. And I have missed the past couple weeks, so let's just say I'm making up for that. After I graduated from highschool, I was faced with the classic young-person questions: [...]