On Taking Gap Years and Going Back To School

Writing my Monday blog post on a Sunday! Unheard of, right? Maybe I’ll post one tomorrow too. Who knows? The world is full of possibilities. And I have missed the past couple weeks, so let’s just say I’m making up for that.

English nerds annotate even when they’re not in school. #nerd4lyfe

After I graduated from highschool, I was faced with the classic young-person questions: what do I want to do with my life, who am I, what do I want out of the world, etc, etc. Quarter life crises are real. And not a whole lotta fun. So I decided that I would wait to go back to school. And holy lord, did I get so much shit from everyone ever for it. Lots of my conversations went like this:

Person: “So where are you going to school?”

Me: “Oh, actually, I’m not. I got a job as a nanny for an English teacher I had in highschool so I’m going to do that for a little while.”

Person: “Oh. . . so you’re not in school?”

Me: “Ha, nope. Not yet!”

Person: “But you’re planning on going to school, right?”

Me: “Yeah, yeah, I am!”

Person: “Well you know eight thousand and three percent of people who take a gap year never go back to school!”

Me: “Ah, well, I want to go to school and I’m planning on going. I’m going to go.”

Person: “That’s what everyone says! Don’t fall into the waiting trap! You’ll be a failure forever! You don’t want to be forty and trying to go to school with twelve kids as a single mom blah blah blah”

So as I’m sure you can imagine, these conversations were a lot of fun all of the time. And while I appreciated that people were looking out for me and had my best interest at heart, it was crazy-ass frustrating to have the same conversation over and over and over with eight billion different people who didn’t understand that I really did want to go to school and really was planning on going. I just needed a break!

And I’d landed a bomb-ass job as a nanny. So last year I worked my tail off and this semester, I started school. I’m not full-time, but it’s something! And I’m already seeing the benefits of taking that year and a half off.

1. I WANT TO BE THERE. This is really important. I know for a fact that if I’d started school immediately after highschool, I wouldn’t have wanted to be there and I would’ve wasted a ton of money because I would not have put everything into my classes. There would’ve been no effort. And I would’ve bombed.

2. I’m a little more grown up. I’m a little better at managing my time and my money, I’m a little more serious (but not much more), and I’ve got my goals a little more set in mind.

3. I’m saving money by not going away. Yeah I go to a community college. This does not mean that I couldn’t have gone to a university. I could’ve. But it would’ve cost an arm and a leg that I don’t have to spare. So I’m hangin’ out here for a couple of years, and maybe I’ll be better primed when it is time to head on off to a university.

So taking the year off that everyone told me I’d regret was the best thing I’ve done for myself so far! And I really like school!

But let’s talk about my first couple weeks of classes. I (unsurprisingly) placed into a remedial math class. No shame. I’ve got an English brain. Math is no bueno. I’ve never been good at it. I was homeschooled for a couple years, cut me some slack, m’kay?

Want to guess what my first chapter was in this remedial math class? Hm?

The first chapter. I kid you not. Was adding.

Straight up adding.


So it’s been fun. I use the term fun loosely. But fun.

My Saturday morning speech class is more actual fun. My instructor is a tiny bit crazy and I love her. There are seven other people in my class. And it’s speech, which is English, which I enjoy! So it’s good. It’s just a class where you talk, so I’m into it.

I have some advice if you don’t know what you want to do with your life and you don’t think you want to go to school yet. You don’t feel like you’re ready for school? You don’t think you’d put all of your effort and heart into it? Don’t go. Wait a year. Figure out some of the other parts of yourself, and then go to school. BUT MAKE SURE YOU GO. EIGHT BILLION AND TWELVE PERCENT OF PEOPLE NEVER GO BACK. DON’T FALL INTO THE TRAP. DON’T BE EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS OLD WITH A TRILLION KIDS TRYING TO GO TO SCHOOL.


In all seriousness. Do what is the best for yourself! Just try your best, frans.

You know yourself.

Your brain is huge and wonderful and full of super rad ideas and thoughts that nobody else has! So I have faith in you.

Thanks for reading you guys.

Don’t freak out too much if you don’t know where your life is going. Sometimes things work themselves out, so long as you use that wonderful brain of yours a little.

Have a good week! Live your best life! Don’t freak cuz you don’t know everything!

It’ll be ok.




3 thoughts on “On Taking Gap Years and Going Back To School

  1. I really loved this! Totally feeling the vibe, I used to be such a control freak but I recently dropped out of school to return later this year. I’m just going with the flow! I loved your writing style and I’m totally following you, I’d appreciate it if you had a moment to read my first blog post? Thank you!
    Can’t wait to read more!

    Liked by 1 person

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