Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: A Man Called Ove

Happy Wednesday! I hope your weeks are going well and you’re full of happy thoughts and motivation. This book is fresh in my brain, because I finished it a whole three minutes ago. I’m real proactive, friends. Let’s just get to it, yeah?

A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman


Rating: 5/5 would recommend/adopt a scraggly cat for/hide in a Saab/etc.

Summary: This story is about a grumpy old man named Ove, who lives in a rowhome by himself in Sweden. Ove is a man of simpler times. Work hard. Pay taxes. Do what you’re supposed to do, and die. Recently widowed, this novel is largely centered around Ove’s struggle to assimilate to a world without his beloved wife, Sonja. While Ove is a man of black and white, right and wrong, Sonja was a woman of many colors and endless possibilities. So Ove is unhappy and, unbeknownst to himself, a terror to everyone around him.

The story really starts when a young family moves in across the street from Ove, smashing into his mailbox on their way. A dopey man, a sharp-witted pregnant woman, and their two daughters make it their life goal to befriend Ove and bring out some good in him. They pester him endlessly, force him to house a mangy cat, ask him for rides to the hospital, etc.

I do not have enough beautiful words in my vocabulary for this book. I really don’t. Fredrik Backman creeps into the brain of your local Scrooge and sheds a new, more sensitive light on them. You’ll feel new hope for humanity, realizing that even the most hateful of people have good in their hearts.

Wonderful. Human. Powerful. Sad. Hopeful.

Read this book.

I will personally buy you a copy.

Just as long as you read it.

Signing off. Happy Wednesday. I’ll be holed up in a corner for the next week or so, thinking about how incredible this book is. So if you need me, tough shit.

Jokes. I’m always doing nothing. Shoot me a text.

I’ll probably talk about this book though, so be warned.

Thanks for reading this week, guys!

Have good sleeps.



2 thoughts on “Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: A Man Called Ove

  1. Wow. I’m totally reading this book. I love your blog! And you! Sorry that’s weird because I really don’t know you but seriously you are an amazing writer and have so many great things to say! Keep posting girl!

    Liked by 1 person

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