Wednesday Glowing Artsy Review: The Phosphorescent Blues 

Happy happy Wednesday to you all! Haven’t posted in awhile. Escuela and work keep me busy. Poor excuse. There will definitely be a brain thoughts post on Monday, though! Unfortunately, there’s no Friendly Friday post this Friday, which is okay, but we miss our friends. Anyhoos, so today I’m talking about an album and I’m not totally sure how I just found it. It’s insane. Let me talk at you.

The Phosphorescent Blues by Punch Brothers

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Punch Brothers is a group that consists of Chris Thile, Gabe Witcher, Noam Pikelny, Chris Eldridge, and Paul Kowert, who basically were a bunch of friends who decided to hang out and play some music, then realized that they had some serious harmony going on. So they kept playing together and formed the band and here we are. The Phosphorescent Blues is Punch Brothers fourth studio album, released in 2015, and it’s arguably the best yet. A concept album about the dangers of technology, it offers an interesting introspective on our everyday lives.

The opening track, titled “Familiarity” lays the groundwork for the remainder of the album, ebbing and flowing from entrancing orchestra to upbeat pop. Punch Brothers are known for creating an interesting mix of bluegrass and alternative with funky orchestral influences. Think Andrew Bird mixed with Alison Krauss and The Lumineers.

The fourth track on the album “I Blew It Off” breaks the harmonious, peaceful ballads that precede it, coming in strong with an upbeat tone and an “I don’t care” attitude. The album really does ebb and flow, it’s easy to listen to, and it’s got some tight harmonies. It’ll be over before you know it.

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Check out this album. It’s fantastic.

Thanks for reading this Wednesday. Spring Break is just around the corner! You can make it, friends. Take heart.

Alrighty, I’m signing off. See you Monday!



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