What the Sibling Age Gap Did To Me

Happy Monday, friends of mine. I hope you are all gearing up for good weeks! Our spring break is just around the corner. Four days. Tough it out.

Today I’m thinking about my youngest brother, Sean, who is eleven years younger than me. I’m twenty. He’s nine. Reflecting upon my life thus far, I was thinking about what the effects of this eleven year age gap have been. On myself in particular, because I am not nine-year-old Sean and I do not know what goes on inside of his wonderful nine-year-old brain.

But I’ve got some ideas.

What has the sibling age gap done to me?

1. I am crazy. ass. bossy. I know this. I try to reel it in. So hard. But sometimes I seriously can’t help it. It’s hard to watch someone do something the wrong way and keep your stupid mouth shut. Self improvement is a process, okay?

2. I’m really good at my job. Eleven years of babysitting really paid off when I got my nannying job. I’m good. I’ve had lots of practice. I know that whispering is much more effective when you’re angry than yelling. Shock value. I mean honestly I still have no idea how to discipline kids ‘the right way’ but I try to figure out what works.

3. People in public tell me my ‘son’ looks just like me. Really, what can you do but smile and say thanks?

I don’t see it, but okay.

4. I’ve realized that my math skills are below the fifth grade level. Don’t ask me to help with homework. I’m not kidding. Unless it’s reading or language arts, don’t even look at me.

5. I’ve been dubbed the ‘mom’ of the friend group. I never really realized that I do this, but one day I was sitting in the car with one of my friends eating ice cream and I looked over and said “Oh, look at you, you finished your ice cream already!” He eyed me and responded with “Thanks, Mom.” Sorry friends. It’s instinct.

There are definitely other ways in which the age gap has affected me, but they’re probably more psychological than I can come up with on my own.

I love my younger brothers and my sister. I’m thankful for the age gap. They’re huge nerds, just like me. And I love the weird looks we get in the store when people hardcore judge me for seemingly being a teen mom.

Thanks for reading this week! Monday. Power through. You can do it.

Let me know if you hated this or if you didn’t or if you were indifferent or whatever.

Alright, friends, I’ll see you on Wednesday.



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