My Five Rules of Arguing

HAPPY MONDAY. So this past week, I've had a few arguments with some people. Thankfully, all parties in each argument knew how to argue. BUT. I've been thinking about the different ways in which people argue. Verbally, non-verbally, passively, etc. And some people don't know how to argue. Are you one of those people? It's [...]


Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: Lore

MY FRIENDS. This week I'm recommending to you an award-winning, critically acclaimed podcast! Switching it up. I hope you're all having good weeks/days/lives/etc. And if you're not, many hugs to you. So this award-winning, critically acclaimed podcast is called Lore. It's informative, a little creepy, and surprisingly, full of history! Lore by Aaron Mahnke Rating: 5/5 would [...]