What Do You Value?

I use the phrase, “I find in value in [something] . . . ” a lot. Because I think it’s a good phrase. It’s important to know what you find value in, because then it’s easier to live a happy, meaningful life. And I’ll admit this, I’m an obsessive list-maker. I make lists for everything on anything you can put a pen to. So the other day I made a list of things I find value in. It was extensive. Here, today, I’m going to recite some of the items on my list and explain why I find value in them. And maybe why you should, too!

I find value in . . .

1. #frandship. Duh friendship is important, we know this. But I find value in you, my friends. And I will never stop telling you that, no matter how overbearing I may seem. Accept it.



2. Family! I put friendship before family here just because I did, not because I value one more than the other. Y’all keep me in line. Thanks for not being pushovers. I’d probably be more of an asshole than I already am if you were!

3. Reading. I think there’s a lot you can tell about a person from their favorite book. If your favorite book is East of Eden, you’re probably the coolest person on the planet. And maybe you like family chronicles and you’re touched by Adam Trask’s sensitivity and you hate Cathy with an unrivaled passion. From this we can deduce that you’re invested and you generally keep your distance from manipulative humans. Nice. Good for you.

*Pro-tip: always read your friends’ favorite books.*

4. Melatonin. Especially the gummy ones you have to take because you’re four and also can’t sleep like a normal functioning human. The natural brain-kind is the best though.

5. Brutal honesty. Sometimes we need people to tell us we’re being idiots. Even if it’s not too nice. Or maybe not what we want to hear.

6. Kindness. Believe it or not, brutal honesty and kindness are not mutually exclusive. It’s just that sometimes one is needed more than the other. Better when used in succession. (i.e. *Brutal honesty* THEN *kindness*)

7. Flexibility. Scheduling is important. Don’t get me wrong. But it’s also important to relax. Don’t be so rigid that one change in plans is going to ruin the rest of your day. Everything is going to be okay.

8. Music. We’ve all had that moment when what we’re listening to is so insanely relevant to our current situation that we want to cry. Powerful stuff.

9. Hard situations. Sometimes, in the face of a really difficult situation, I’ll stop and think about what a good experience it is. Ridiculous? Yeah. Does that make you hate me a little? Probably. I know, I know, hop off the high horse. But that thought makes it a little easier to cope with shitty times.

10. Arguments. In the same vein of the hard situations, I think arguing is important. Not arguing purely for the sake of arguing, but arguing so that everyone’s feelings and ideas are out there. SO. Argue away, friends. Do it nicely. If you can.

It’s Monday.

Have good weeks. See you on Wednesday.

Let me know if you hated this. Or if you didn’t.

Better yet, let me know what YOU value! Sometimes, cheesy self-reflection is necessary.

Thanks for reading!



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