On Owning Your Shit

It’s Wednesday! But today, instead of doing my recommendation, I’m going to write a Monday-style post. Because this is my website and I can do whatever I want. And I’m a little bit fed up today. A LITTLE BIT FED UP, GUYS. Not with you. Never with you. You’re all perfect. READ ON, FRIENDS OF MINE.

We’ve all done not-so-great things. We’ve all treated someone poorly at some point in our lives. We’ve all lied, we’ve all made the wrong choice knowing full-well that it’s the wrong choice. Not one of us is perfect. Every single one of us has done bad things.

What sets the good apart from the bad then? Owning it.

Own. It.

When you know you’ve hurt someone without a basis, own it.

When you have lied and gotten caught, own it.

Own your shit. Being humble enough to admit to someone that you did something terrible and that you are a flawed, fallible human is essential to self-growth. And to basic human decency.

Apathy is not cool. Doing something you know for a fact was bad and being apathetic is not cool. Apathy is emotional laziness. This is you just not wanting to deal with whatever consequences you’ve set in motion.

If you decide to take the apathetic route anyway, I can almost guarantee you will not have any friends. People will realize that you are not invested in your relationships and they will not want to be a part of that. Generally, people like people who care. And they don’t like people who are relentlessly awful.

Saying the words, “I’m sorry” and meaning it is not difficult. The only thing keeping these words from coming out of someone’s mouth is pride. And pride is not something that is set in stone. Humble humans are respected humans. Get over yourself. Say you’re sorry. Clean up your mess.

12377666_10205580038287429_1592788325816323338_o (1)
This is a great example of owning your shit. Knocking down half of a Family Video and telling the employee (however friendly you may be with them) is hard. BUT SHE DID IT ANYWAY. And she’s still allowed inside the Family Video. It all worked out.

Are we all perfect? No. We are not. Do we always make the right decisions? No. We do not. But can we right our wrongs? Almost always. And if we can’t, it’s at least worth a shot. Perspective is important. Knowing yourself and being honest with yourself enough to recognize that you have done something less-than-kind is integral to maintaining healthy relationships and growing as a person.

Be kind.

And if you’re not, fix it.

This post was more rant-y than mine usually are, and I realize that it comes off as a little bit ‘holier-than-thou’ but I am sick and tired of people who do shitty things and walk away like they haven’t just done something shitty. Own your mistakes, friends. We all make them. It doesn’t make you any less of a good person to make mistakes. But the thing that really matters is that you at least try to fix them. And if you can’t fix them, just admit that you made the wrong choice.

None of us are perfect.

With that, have a happy Wendesday. It’s almost the end of the week. We’ve got it, guys. Those of you who aren’t on summer vacation yet, you’re so close! Power through.

Thanks for reading today, guys!



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