Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: The Danish Girl

Happy Wednesday! It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these, so I’m excited. And I’m excited that it’s such a good one. Read it for bookclub and it was a near-unanimous 5/5. Let’s just get on with it. No fluff.

The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff

download (1).jpg

Rating: 5/5 would recommend/fashion into a kite/hide in a bog for/etc.

Summary: This novel is loosely based on the real-life early twentieth century painter, Einar Wegener. Wegener is most famous not for painting, but for his transition into the woman Lili Elbe, who was one of the first recipients of a successful sexual reassignment surgery.

David Ebershoff has really done a number on this one. The writing is detached in a way that gives the reader a fuller understanding of the characters and the many situations they enter, while still being beautiful and enrapturing.


If you’re thinking, “This one may be too out there for me” fear not! To be completely honest, the majority of the book really focuses on the shift in Einar and his wife Greta’s marriage. And there’s a lot to learn about humanity from it.

So this novel starts with Greta, a portrait painter, and Einar, a landscape painter. The two have been married for several years at this point and are comfortable working in silence together, doing whatever they each may be doing. While attempting to paint a portrait of a woman without a model, Greta becomes frustrated and asks Einar to sit in for her, as he is slender and effeminate. As you can imagine, this seemingly meaningless action sets of a series of thoughts and events that change both Greta and Einar forever.

There really is so much to be learned from this novel. So much about open-mindedness and the ability of people to accept. Maybe we could use some of that right now, huh?

Short this (hot, hot, hot) Wednesday, but I think that’s all that I can say without getting swept away! It’s really a fantastic read, you guys. Really really really.

Alright, well thanks for reading this week! I appreciate you guys! A quick thank you to everyone for being great and a reminder to keep doing so. Love love love all the way.



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