Why Politics Don’t Matter

Happy Saturday, you all! It’s been awhile. But that’s okay. I hope you’re all doing well and staying cool.

Alright. So today I want to talk about politics. Hot-button topic, I know. But, we aren’t going to get into the presidential race and all that junk. We’re going to get into how politics affect our relationships. And why they shouldn’t.

The political world is an incredibly divisive one. We all have family, friends, and acquaintances who don’t agree with the way we perceive the world and the people in it. Almost all of us have wiggled our way into a political conversation that put us at odds with people we love. We know the feeling of disappointment when people don’t share our ideas. These aren’t the people we thought they were!



They are! They are everything you thought they were and more.

A person’s political opinions do not sum up who they are as a human being. 

Does liking one political party or the other make you a bad person? No. It makes you a person with different ideals than the person next to you. I hate seeing families put at odds with each other over politics. Over money. Over stuff that isn’t worth destroying relationships for.

None of it matters. You know what does matter?

Your compassion. How often you’re there for the people you love. The kindness you display to strangers. That’s what matters.

There’s so much hatred infesting this presidential race, it blows my mind. On both sides. And it bleeds into our everyday lives. The atmosphere of hatred surrounding politics affects every other part of our world. Hate is infectious. But so is kindness and compassion. We are choosing hatred over compassion this year. In so many ways.

I don’t claim to be particularly politically informed. All I know is that the environment this race has created is toxic. It’s brought out the worst in people we never knew were capable of so much negativity. It’s not doing any good. And it definitely is not getting anything accomplished.

So basically, none of this crap matters. If you value politics more than the people who surround you, who you love, you’ve got other issues that you need to work on.

Value people, value your relationships. Politics are important, yes. The structure of our government is important, yes. But nobody is going to sit at your funeral, looking down at your done-up face, and think, “Man, I wish I’d convinced that guy to be a Democrat.” Nobody’s going to give a shit whether you were a Republican or a Democrat or whatever. Because that’s not what we are on the planet for.

We are here to cultivate relationships. To be there for other humans.

Don’t get me wrong, fighting for what you believe in is so important. However, don’t let differing opinions destroy lifelong relationships.

Listen to each other! Be open-minded while still maintaining your values! Those are not mutually exclusive.

Thanks for reading this week.

I hope you all have great days/weeks/months/etc.



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