Photos and Faces

People are important to me. Let’s take a journey through some people I’ve photographed and why.


My brother Sean is one of my favorite subjects. Mostly because he’s always around and down to be photographed. But the freckles don’t hurt, huh? This is the first shot I took of anyone with the half-face, black background. And I realized I loved it because it gave a look into people’s brains.

A regular photo can be transformed into a soulful one as easily as changing it from color to black and white. The one above was literally taken in a Walmart checkout line.


Another thing that I love about these photos is that the shot is so incredibly dependent on the light. This one I took of my friend Emma turned out differently than the one of my brother, seriously all because we took it under a fluorescent light in my other friend’s kitchen.



My friend Kai was nice enough to volunteer next. We were actually semi-babysitting at a shoot in an abandoned greenhouse for one of our friends. Playing with editing is one of my favorite parts of photography. It’s insane that you can have a shot that you took in the middle of Walmart that isn’t all that great, and turn it into something like this.

And guys, in case you couldn’t tell, I. Love. Eyeballs. Eyes are amazing because almost nobody’s look the same, even in black and white! They don’t even have to be in color to look different! A cliche, but true quote: “Eyes are the windows to the soul.”

That’s another thing I love about taking shots of people. You can almost tell what they’re thinking while you’re taking their picture.


This one in particular is clearly saying, “Yeah, it’s getting annoying now.” But it’s one of my favorite shots still. And of one of my favorite people, my cousin Zach!


Another favorite, a shot of my good friend Queen Nora, ruling her land. Or watching an eighties cover band. Either/or.

I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by children constantly. Why does this make me lucky, you ask? Well, because I always have someone to photograph. Because they’re insane and they never stop. And they have given me some of my favorite shots ever.

Look at all these tiny boogers. I love them.

My friends are seriously amazingly tolerant of my incessant picture-taking. I’m sure it gets stupid annoying. But look, they’re all so pretty and wonderful. And the cool thing about pictures is that they are memory markers. I know where we were in each of these shots, I can remember funny things from each of these days, and they make my heart happy. Isn’t that really what it’s all about? Preserving memories and friendships!

Although I do love shooting places, I love people even more. Abandoned is cool and historical and interesting, but people are what we live for. And they’re amazing.

Thanks for reading this week, even though I posted one yesterday too and this one was a teensy bit different than usual!

Have happy weeks, it’s only Monday! But you’ve got it. I believe in you.

Take time to do things that make you happy this week. If photography is your thing, do it. If it’s writing, do it. If it’s skateboarding, do it. Do it.



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