Why the World Series Matters

Oh, two posts in a row?! Yes. Two. In. A. Row. I’ve been thinking lots this week!

As I’m sure everyone ever knows, the Cubs won the World Series last night. The Cubs haven’t won the World Series in 108 years.


So we can see why this is a big deal. And for all of the Cubs fans around the globe (and in Chicago, particularly [ahem, Bill Murray]) this is a HUGE deal.

Thanks NBC News for capturing this huddle of elation.

I will be the first to admit that I am not a prolific watcher of baseball. I’m not really interested. But for anyone within a fifty mile radius of Chicago, it’s a big deal, not only in terms of sports, but in terms of culture.

*Side note: for those of you berating people for ‘jumping on the bandwagon’, just shut up. Seriously. Bandwagoning is A-OK here.*

These past few months have kind of sucked! We’re all caught up in a nasty presidential race, there have been shootings left and right, we’re basically in the midst of a pseudo-social revolution. We all want big change.

And what happens when everyone wants big change? Well, conflict. Conflict happens because nobody wants the same changes, and some don’t want change at all. When it comes to the future of the country, everyone has a different opinion. And while that’s all good and well, it causes crazy tension. Tension among families, friends, coworkers, you name it!

So, this win is exactly what we needed. Even White Sox fans were excited about this! We needed it, not only to break the longest running sports curse ever, but we needed it to UNITE US.

I’m a child of the digital age, so naturally, I have a Snapchat. Being within fifty miles of Chicago, I have friends that live there. And the videos are INSANE.

People are storming the streets, IN A GOOD WAY.

People are honking their horns at each other, IN A GOOD WAY.

People are screaming at each other, IN A GOOD WAY.

There is so much celebration and happiness and goodwill surrounding this win that it blows my mind. It fills my heart with happiness and elation and joy that we can come together, not only in Chicago, but all over the country, to celebrate this win.

Unity. Is. What. We. Need.

A short one today, but man, this is important.

Please have amazing days. Appreciate all of the things that bring us together. Regardless of what the future holds, we will always have our wins.



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