Why Are We Afraid to Talk to Kids About Homosexuality?

Dang, I’ve had a lot to talk about this week! Making up for the month-long lack of posts, I guess!

Something has been bothering me today. I saw a tweet from a girl who is gay that said her parents made her change the television because it was ‘inappropriate’ for her younger sibling. Because there were gay people in it. Which confused me. Why would you invalidate your own child’s sexuality by saying that content with homosexuality is inappropriate? And maybe it wasn’t even intentional, maybe it was one of those unnoticed microaggressions. But the message is still there, and still very clear.

I consider myself to be an ally and an advocate for LGBTQ rights, seeing as they’re all…hm, I dunno, HUMAN BEINGS. So, it bothers me when parents don’t want to talk about gay people around their kids, as if they’re some sort of infectious disease. And I’ve heard all of this from people who consider themselves to be very open-minded and accepting.

So my biggest question is: Why are we afraid to talk to kids about homosexuality?

Here are the reasons we hear most often:

“Well, it’ll confuse them!”

It wouldn’t confuse them if they were exposed to the open minded (human) idea that gay people are just people. They’re people who love other people. No difference here.

“It’ll make my kids think they’re gay!”

Really don’t think this is how that works. And honestly, if you’re concerned about that, then explain to them that some people are gay and they don’t have to be, but if they are, it’s fine. This phrasing (which I have heard several times) bothers me in and of itself, because it implies that being gay is a bad thing.

And I’m not even going to get into the religious reasons, because it’s just not even a conversation at this point. I know many, many, many religious (Christian or otherwise) people who are fine with and support the LGBTQ community, or who are even a part of it. Christians who support homosexuality are often seen as “twisting the words of God” but there’s one line that the gay-hating Christians (which is a very small percentage of Christians, by the way) seem to ignore altogether:

Love thy neighbor. 

It’s right there. No question about it. No interpretation needed. That’s it, man.

I think the only way to overcome homophobia is to integrate acceptance into our society. People are people. Regardless of sexual orientation, religion, nationality, race, people are people. And they are wonderful and diverse in all their beliefs and walks of life.

So, I think we’re afraid to talk to kids about homosexuality because there is still such a negative underlying stigma to it. Like it’s something bad and something to be shunned.  But it isn’t! Like I said, people are people.

And listen, I’m not saying anyone else’s beliefs are wrong. This is just something that tugs at my heart and gets under my skin, because I don’t think it’s right. Everyone has the right to be happy and that’s just what I believe.

I know a lot of people aren’t going to like this one, but tough shit. I also know it’s not the most eloquent post or the most insightful, but it’s something that I need to talk about. Because it’s important. I’ve seen too many of my friends struggle with themselves and their identities due to the idea that being gay is somehow wrong or condemning to stand around and accept that ‘well, that’s just how it is.’

Because that’s a load of shit.

Have good Sundays tomorrow, friends of mine. I know this one probably wasn’t fun to read but it kills me when people feel invalidated as humans because of something as trivial as  which gender they love.

Alright. Soap box: done.

Had to say it.



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