Ah! Distance!

I often find myself pulling away from social situations when I feel overwhelmed. There is something confusing and dissonant about being an introverted extravert, but I swear I am! I’ve said it time and again, I love people. But there is only so much I can take in before everything is too much and I need to hole up for awhile.

And I totally understand how this comes across to a lot of people. I’ve tried and tried to explain that “I don’t hate you! I. Just. Need. A. Break.” And I refuse to apologize for distancing myself from situations that are simply too much. I know my limits. But I entirely get how this can come off. I swear I don’t hate you. Believe me.

The issues of other people can be incredibly overwhelming for people (like myself) that struggle to draw the line between ‘MY’ problems and ‘YOUR’ problems. Not that I have ever regretted giving an open ear to anyone. That’s what I’m here for. But when I’m taking in too much it gets confusing to try and sort out my feelings and separate them from others’.

This becomes especially difficult when we all get into the grind. It’s that time of year. Deadlines are coming up, projects and papers are coming due, Christmas is around the corner. Sometimes, when I walk outside, I swear I can feel the nervous energy emanating from everyone inside their homes. People are wired. Which makes being social and outgoing that much more nerve-inducing!

Lately I’ve been trying to:

  1. Get my shit done.
  2. Buy lots of candles that make me happy.
  3. Read and write. A lot.
Oh, taking pictures falls in my priority list as well. Editing is good for my soul.

Right now, that’s all that’s on my priority list. That’s all I can handle right now. We all get to the point where we are emotionally exhausted and feel like we just need a good, long vacation. It always hits at around November, doesn’t it? Especially this year. Tensions have been running high and I feel that we could all use a nice long break.

We’ve got it, you all. Broken record here, but take time for yourself. Don’t stretch yourself too thin or you will get sick and be more miserable than you already are. Take ownership of your time and use it wisely.

Talk at you all later,



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