What I Think About When I Should Be Sleeping

A late-night post from yours truly, cataloging thoughts that are currently zipping through my brain. Share what you think about while you should be sleeping! Let’s unite in our insomnia.

Without further ado, I bring you ‘What I Think About When I Should Be Sleeping’


  1. The song ‘Dreams’ by Fleetwood Mac (in lieu of real dreams).
  2. The fact that I have to be awake in approximately six hours.
  3. Serious things. i.e. Syria, Russia, America, failing relationships in every aspect of my life, etc.
  4. Not serious things. i.e. why aren’t there vortex mugs that stir your tea/coffee for you so the spices don’t always sink to the bottom?
  5. The wellbeing of the people in my life. (Yah, smushy, but I am a worrier by nature).
  6. One part of my foot won’t stop itching and what if it’s early onset arthritis?
  7. The book Lolita is insanely creepy and I’m in conflict internally because I love how it’s written but am disturbed by the content.
  8. I saw a really cute video about Christmas earlier where kids explained how Christmas became a thing and then adults acted it out and it made me cry-laugh, which was much needed.
  9. Sometimes I wish modern technology didn’t exist and that we could set the clock back about 200 years in terms of environment and lifestyle. Maybe not so much in terms of healthcare.
  10. The Nathaniel Hawthorne short story book I got needs to come in the mail soon because I want to reread the Minister’s Black Veil (one of my favorites).

This is mostly an experiment to see if unloading my brain into a post will help me achieve sleep at some point tonight. But, by all means, please shoot me a comment about what you all think about while you are lying in bed, frustrated at your inability to function like a normal human.

Wishing you all lots of rest and peace,



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