The Broken Woman

I recently did a project for my Women’s Literature class, analyzing how women in Appalachia are treated and the services that are available to them in terms of motherhood, domestic abuse, rape, and poverty. The results were disheartening, but at the end I realized that the women of this region possess a profound resilience that [...]


Ah! Distance!

I often find myself pulling away from social situations when I feel overwhelmed. There is something confusing and dissonant about being an introverted extravert, but I swear I am! I've said it time and again, I love people. But there is only so much I can take in before everything is too much and I [...]

Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: The Danish Girl

Happy Wednesday! It's been awhile since I've done one of these, so I'm excited. And I'm excited that it's such a good one. Read it for bookclub and it was a near-unanimous 5/5. Let's just get on with it. No fluff. The Danish Girl by David Ebershoff Rating: 5/5 would recommend/fashion into a kite/hide in a [...]

Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

Welcome back, friends. This week I'm recommending another book to you all. It's beautiful. It's heartbreaking. It's witty and clever. It's everything you never knew you've always wanted. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran-Foer Rating: 5/5 would recommend/cross seas for/praise forever/etc. Summary: This heartwrenching novel chronicles the adventures of a young boy named Oskar, whose [...]

Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: Tell The Wolves I’m Home

"Another book?" you ask. Yes. Another book. Because books are glorious and make your brain smart and teach you life lessons about the real-life world that we live in! So yes. Another book. I read this one awhile ago and every now and then I just sit and think about it. It's a masterpiece. You'll [...]

Wednesday Glowing Artsy Recommendation: Ghost

An album this week! The first album I've recommended! It's really exciting. We're making strides here. I've been really into ghost things lately, can you tell? Thanks house-ghost, for all of your artistic influence. Ghost by Radical Face Rating: 5/5 would recommend/fall asleep to/stand in the rain sobbing for/etc. Summary: I've been in love with this album [...]