Ah! Distance!

I often find myself pulling away from social situations when I feel overwhelmed. There is something confusing and dissonant about being an introverted extravert, but I swear I am! I've said it time and again, I love people. But there is only so much I can take in before everything is too much and I [...]


Emotionally Draining People

Happy Thursday! School has started for most of us, the weather is a little cooler, and I hope we are all having an okay time of getting back into the swing of things. I've started classes as I know most everyone else has. Just recently I got a job at a chocolate store and I'm [...]

I’m At A Standstill!

Happiest of Mondays to you all, my friends. I hope we're all getting geared up for great weeks. The weather has been great, sunny, makes life a little more enjoyable. Hopefully none of you have gotten so burnt you can't sleep yet (been there). Sunscreen is an important tool. Also, ticks are gross, so bug-repellent [...]

Friendly Friday: Claire Child

Happy Friday, friends! This week I asked a very smart friend of mine to write a post on anything she wanted! Well, she certainly delivered. You want to read this one.  Claire Child is nineteen years old and living in Chicago, Illinois. She attends DePaul University and is studying Secondary Education English. She loves Johnny [...]

Being Social, For The Socially Awkward

Tis the season for parties. Christmas parties, New Year's parties, Hanukkah parties, Ramadan parties, Kwanzaa parties, you get the point? Lots of parties at the end of the year. And even if you're not a party-goer, there are the inevitable, semi-dreaded family parties that we must all attend. This is every socially inept person's nightmare. [...]